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New Board Member: Mollie Lyden

We are thrilled to introduce our newest Board member of FLIP, Mollie Lyden! We wanted to make sure our FLIP family learned a bit more about Mollie, too, so we embarked on a little interview to shine some light on to her life! Hometown: Austintown, Oh (Youngstown area). Now, she resides in Westerville, Oh, with her husband Michael.  Job title:  MRI Lead Technologist, Advantage Diagnostics  Passions: I love sports and watching baseball (Cleveland Indians!). I also love to play volleyball and we are Notre Dame (don’t hate!) and Miami Dolphin fans. Q: What #inspired you to join the FLIP Board?   I got involved with FLIP first because wanted to volunteer with an organization that meant something to her. Chose because her father. Thought it would…

#FLIP the Season

Tis the season to break your normal holiday routines. Don’t wait until the new year to be active and eat well. Avoid the holiday pitfalls: extra treats around the house; overeating at holiday parties; not exercising because, holy jingle bells its cold. Instead, get a jumpstart on your health by making a few simple FLIPs in the coming weeks. Follow us on  and  for a new #FLIPtheSeason tip everyday!

Bag Lunches: Not Just For School

  Get back to school with these tricks on how to pack a perfectly balanced lunch. Courtesy of backonpointe, we have found a quick and easy 5-step, fool-proof plan to get your show on the road at lunch time. But who says only kids can get their own thoughtfully planned lunch? Packing lunch for the workplace can help avoid that quick trip to the fast food joint around the corner. FLIP the way you think about your lunch hour, and try swapping your restaurant run for that brown bag from home more often! Post by Emily Edwards

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