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New Board Member: Mollie Lyden

We are thrilled to introduce our newest Board member of FLIP, Mollie Lyden! We wanted to make sure our FLIP family learned a bit more about Mollie, too, so we embarked on a little interview to shine some light on to her life!

Hometown: Austintown, Oh (Youngstown area). Now, she resides in Westerville, Oh, with her husband Michael. 
Job title:  MRI Lead Technologist, Advantage Diagnostics 
Passions: I love sports and watching baseball (Cleveland Indians!). I also love to play volleyball and we are Notre Dame (don’t hate!) and Miami Dolphin fans.
Q: What #inspired you to join the FLIP Board?  
I got involved with FLIP first because wanted to volunteer with an organization that meant something to her. Chose because her father. Thought it would be great to be on the board to have more of a voice for direction of the organization. 
Q: What activities each year help you get through the cold, Ohio winter days?
Hibernating! Likes to go out with friends and couple nights on Friday. We do a lot of wine tastings. We did beer making at North High – weekend activities and not staying in. I’m not an outdoor winter
Q: Are there one or two “simpleFLIPs” that you have made to your daily routine recently that have positively affected your health/outlook? One of the major things I’ve done is switched over to Beauty Counter products for make-up and skincare. They are safer and don’t have the heavy chemicals. I also have been focused on using cleaning supplies that are more natural. I’ve been amping up my ways to work-out and mixing it up. I’ve actually been doing some pole dancing as of late out in Grandview; it’s a lot of fun!

Thank you, Mollie, for joining us and we can’t wait to have your input and leadership!