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Daily vitamins: too much of a good thing?


Wake up, eat breakfast, take your vitamins! This morning routine seems harmless enough, but unless you have a specific, doctor-approved, reason for taking vitamins, stop it. Stop it right now.

Doctors have known for years that an excess of your daily dose of vitamins (which most people acquire from their normal diet) is harmful. But. The FDA can’t tell you that. Legislators and the vitamin companies saw to that! All regulation laws aside, the information is still out there.

There have been numerous studies that people who take supplemental vitamins are at a much higher risk for cancer or even heart disease.

Seriously. Stop buying the supplements! Not only is it better for you, but also you’ll save yourself a ton of money. Win win!

For more details about the studies and risks of vitamins, go to outsidethebeltway.com