FLIP – Fight, Live, Inspire, Prevent – is about helping you live a lifestyle that prevents cancer and inspires others to do the same. It’s a movement that’s growing, full of everyday people who are crazy enough to believe that finding ways to get proactive shouldn’t be quite so hard. Approachable prevention, simple changes, community support, fun ideas. That’s what we’re about. Join us, as we take simple steps to FLIP our lives and the conversation on cancer in our nation from reactive to proactive, one day at a time.


    • FLIP recognizes that cancer prevention requires a dynamic shift in our thinking and is empowering individuals to engage in preventing cancer using a holistic approach:
      • Fight – Fighting together to challenge cancer risks outside of our individual control.
      • Live – FLIP is all about having fun and living life to its fullest…the best way to prevent cancer!
      • Inspire – It’s so worth it to challenge yourself to reach friends and family (We’ll help you.)
      • Prevent – FLIP’s goal is to make prevention fun, approachable, simple and community driven
    • It’s easy to “FLIP” – We are connecting community partners to provide an entire network of support and building an interactive website that aggregates and simplifies everything you need to know.
    • It’s engaging! FLIP is not only an attractive, energetic brand, it’s a movement; empowering people to shape and make it their own along the way.
    • It’s fun! Get out and enjoy being active with friends and family and stay involved throughout the process via social media, organized activities and unique outings.


    We started our mission because we are passionate about helping people realize the opportunity to flip their lifestyles and take proactive measures against cancer.

    The passion sparked in 2008 as my family was supporting my father during his battle with esophageal cancer. We lost our dad in February, 2010 after a courageous and spirited battle. Throughout his fight we were involved in several cancer fighting events, predominantly aimed at funding research for a cure. It was during those events that we realized a greater opportunity: as we looked around and thought of how many of our friends and family were impacted by cancer, we began to ask the question “what can we ourselves be doing today to prevent cancer?” The more we looked into this question, the more we realized how lop-sided our current approach to cancer is: a reactive and passive approach instead of a proactive fight aimed at prevention.

    In July 2010 I left my consulting job at Weber Associates to pursue my passion and find out how I can make a difference. We’ve come a long way since the early days of our vision and are thrilled to be launching FLIP in Columbus, OH. Flip is my dad’s nickname and has also come to stand for the acronym: Fight. Live. Inspire. Prevent. – A holistic approach to cancer prevention. My dad fought cancer with everything he had and then a little more… with his fight in us, FLIP will make a lasting impact for many families.