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#FLIP the Season

Tis the season to break your normal holiday routines. Don’t wait until the new year to be active and eat well. Avoid the holiday pitfalls: extra treats around the house; overeating at holiday parties; not exercising because, holy jingle bells its cold. Instead, get a jumpstart on your health by making a few simple FLIPs in the coming weeks. Follow us on  and  for a new #FLIPtheSeason tip everyday!

FALL in love with food

Fall, scarlet and gray… what comes to mind? Our beloved Buckeyes! Or maybe for some, the deep scarlet of fall leaves and the unpredictable cool, crisp, gray days in the fall. Both, sensational reasons to love Ohio in the fall. We’d love to add nutrition to these fall sensations. When you think of these fall favorites, also think – food! seasonal favorites! eating well! eating colors! eating local!

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