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Enthusiast of the Year!

We all know at least one person that made an inspiring change this past year. First – send a personal message to those people to let them know you are proud of them and to thank them for inspiring you! While your at it, let us know who you’d like to nominate for FLIP’s Enthusiast of Year. 

FLIP Enthusiasts are people who embody the FLIP spirit. They’ve “made the FLIP” – they have taken action to live a preventative lifestyle. They enjoy the process and have fun with it! Their actions or words inspire people around them. They don’t have to be a fitness buff, or follow a strict diet – but they recognize the link between how they live, how they feel, and their future health. If you know someone like that – we’d love to hear about him or her!

Here’s how to nominate: Send us an email at info@flipnow.org. Share the person’s name, background and a quick message about why you think he/she deserves Enthusiast of the Year. We’ll hook him/her up with special recognition and a few more perks!