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Byron Gunter’s INSPIRE Story

Taken a year apart. From 250 to 170! Name: Byron Gunter Age: 36 Hometown: Ashtabula, Ohio (home of Urban Meyer!) Job title: Owner, Buckeye Entertainment Event Group Passions: Anything that lights up or makes noise.  Oh, and license plates. Q: How would you describe your current state of health and wellness? A: Much better than it was a year ago! Since I’ve lost weight and started exercising I feel years younger.  I mean, kicking my diabetes to the curb most certainly helped, but more on that in a minute!   Q: Have you always been healthy… or did you “flip” your life? If so, what was the catalyst for change? A: My freshman year of college (1999) I gained 70 pounds. 70. I started at 140 and ended up at 210 pounds. I…

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