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FLIP’s BBQ Guide

The ultimate summer BBQ… with a FLIP twist. Summer BBQ’s and cookouts capture perfectly the essence of FLIP’s mission. Take something that’s a lot fun, add a few simple changes, spice it up with some additional ideas… and now you have the ultimate BBQ session.


The Dirty Science

Heat, fat, and smoke = increased health risks. Heating meat over high heat or flames can create compounds known as carcinogens (cancer causing agents). The biggest culprits: when fat on meat is heated to high temps, or drips into the flames and creates smoke.

Char… not so rad! Charred food (meat, veggies, other) can cause free radical formation in your body, which can lead to tissue damage, disease, and premature aging.

Hot dogs cause butt cancer. Since you’ve thoroughly studied our 11 preventive cancer tips, you know that processed meats (hot dogs, sausage… yes, even brats) contain chemicals like nitrites which are linked to colon cancer.

Simple FLIPs

We still encourage you to FIRE UP THE GRILLS! It’s actually quite easy and delicious to avoid the dangers listed above.

Grill Master 
  • Select leaner cuts of meat and trim off the excess fat
  • Lower the temp to avoid burning and charring
  • Smaller cuts of meat will shorten cooking tim
  • For the pro’s: Barbecue briquettes and hardwood chips like hickory and maple burn at a lower temperature.
Select the Best
  • Grill more veggies. Kebas are a perfect way to add more veggies, which adds flavor and keeps the meat moist. Also, try replacing meat with delicious portabella mushrooms for your burgers! (recipe). Tip: Don’t overcook the veggies, they’ll lose nutrients and increase chance of charring. 
  • Chose fish or skinless chicken (top five choices for grilled seafood)
  •  When you do select red meat, remember to keep it lean and limit to a 6oz serving, no more than 3 times per week. (AICR)
Marinate on this:
  • “Marinate foods like meat in olive oil and lemon juice-based marinades. Research shows that these two items can reduce the formation of the cancer-causing compounds by up to 99 percent while cooking. Not to mention that they tenderize the meat, add great flavor, and help keep it moist during cooking.” (Care2.com)
  • Add herbs! Basil, mint, rosemary, thyme, oregano, and sage further reduce formation of carcinogens.
Keep it clean 
  • You would never cook on a dirty pan, or eat at restaurant that allows their grilling surfaces to build up with char… so why do we allow our grills to accumulate such, ah… funk?
  • Use a protective surface like grill pans that can easily be cleaned. Check out www.vermontcountrygrillstone.com for some amazing grill stone options!
  • Wash your removable grill plate after every use (don’t just use the dirty wire brush that sits next to it to scrub it before use… that’s busch league)
  • Just like your oven, occasionally clean out the inside if the grill. (all that black funk that builds up, not so great for our bodies).

The “extras” make it ultimate

Host the best cookout of the summer by bringing your A game with some new, fun, delicious recipes. Here’s FLIP’s suggestion for a fresh new lineup that will make your guests say wow (while their bodies say THANKS)
  • The appy: whole wheat crackers topped with tomato, mozzarella cheese, fresh basil and drizzled with balsamic.
  • Side dish: green bean salad. check out this week’s featured recipe from FLIP’s resident foodie, Amelia.
  • Dessert: grilled pineapple, mango and peach! recipe
  • A great summer drink: If you haven’t sampled Columbus’ own Watershed gin, you’re in for a tasty surprise. Their recipe for The Jennings (grapefruit cocktail) will be the perfect pairing to your summer BBQ. Remember: keep it classy, keep it preventative…1 or 2 drinks
  • Kan Jam makes for a fun and active addition to your BBQ.  Very easy to transport, teams of 4, a little more energizing than just tossing a frisbee… but still casual enough for your cookout. check it out