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FLIP’s Fitness Before the Feast!

Fitness Before the Feast Calendar!

Fall brings colder weather, which also typically brings with it a decrease in physical activity.


FLIP wants to keep you active this fall with “FLIP’s Fitness Before the Feast”. This workout challenge is 4 weeks long, ending the Friday before Thanksgiving (hence the “feast”). The goal will be to motivate each other by completing each daily task and posting progress by tagging FLIP on facebook and instagram posts. Even better motivation, the person who posts the most by tagging FLIP in their photos will receive a $150 gift card to Second Sole Gahanna at the end of the challenge! (highest number of points wins! 1 point = each tag / 5 points = each bonus activity listed)


Of course FLIP’s mission is to live a lifestyle that prevents cancer and inspires others to do the same. SO, do you think you can spread this challenge around your company and inspire your friends to join you for the challenge?!





 To see the challenge  CLICK HERE!