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FUN Interview: Spring into Action

To complete our theme for the month of May “Spring into Action,” we decided to interview one of our very own board members in a FUN interview to see what springtime means to them. This month we interviewed…

Name: David Chambliss

Age: 31

Hometown: Fairborn, OH

Job title: Director of Development, Fisher College of Business at The Ohio State University

Passions: Higher Education, health care, bicycling, travelling, City of Columbus

Q: How long have you been a part of FLIP’s Board?

A: Approximately 2.5 years

Q: FLIP’s theme for the month of May has been “Spring into Action”. What activities each year help you get into the Spring mindset?

A: Aside from the warmer weather giving me a reason to get outside and be active, I am training for my first Century bike ride in August, It also helps to have friends who are active & encourage me to play volleyball, kickball, run 5ks, etc. It’s so easy to come home from work and be lazy, but I truly believe in the “An object in motion stays in motion…” mantra, and try to be diligent about not letting myself go home and sit for too long. Columbus is such an amazing town for being active, with great bike paths, hundreds of volleyball courts, dozens of parks, and a vibrant community that makes it easy to get involved & be motivated by others.

Q: What places/events around the community help you “Spring into Action”?

A: I recently signed up for System of Strength in Grandview, and I have really enjoyed these classes. I’m also in the Goodale Park kickball league with a group of 10 awesome friends and we play Spring – Fall. FLIP does a great job promoting activities throughout the week, including sand volleyball at Scioto Audubon Metro Park, and there is always groups gathering to ride bikes and/or train for Pelotonia. And aside from organized sports, I love walking to Clippers games, walking around the Short North, and going running down Neil Avenue!

Q: What about springtime inspires you to help spread awareness for cancer prevention?

A: Both of my parents are cancer survivors, so the Spring weather is a constant reminder to me to enjoy life everyday and don’t waste a minute of it. Getting outside and trying to live a healthy lifestyle has been a goal of mine ever since my parents got sick, and FLIP has been a great support system and reminder of the importance of being active & finding subtle ways to live healthier.

Q: Are there one or two “simpleFLIPs” that you have made to your daily routine? If not, what is one that you could make?

A: 2 things I have tried to be better about is taking the stairs vs elevators, as well as drinking water instead of soda. 2 things I could definitely improve, I am not a big breakfast eater, and I don’t have a good sleep schedule. If I could fall asleep by 11pm and wake up at 6am for a run every morning I’d be very excited. But, I’ve always been a night owl and a “hit the snooze button 6x” guy. There are a lot of small things I could improve about my health – physically and mentally, but I believe the key is recognizing the areas you’d life to improve and take baby steps. If I tried to change 10 things at once, I’d fail. But if I just try to wake up 30 minutes earlier or keep some healthy habits breakfast snack foods in my office, I could slowly get into better habits over time with these #simpleFLIPs