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Mustaches and Men’s Health

Men… this is our month! That’s right, its mustaching season. Its time to step up and reclaim your manhood. Let’s give pink back to the ladies this month; let’s give Pinterest a much needed timeout (I don’t care what you what do with our old, used junk, just stop pretending is decoration and hanging it on our walls); let’s stop the political bickering and join our fellow brothers in a cause near and dear to our hearts… upper lips. Be a man this Movember and grow a mustache. Yes, even you with those thin bird lips and those wispy pale whiskers… rock that creaptastic blonde stache and rock it proud.

Men, cancer below the belt is a very real and scary situation for us. So maybe you don’t know exactly where your prostate is, which is okay, but what’s not okay is that 1 in 6 men will be diagnosed with this terrible disease. Say what you will about Lance, but he will always be a hero of mine for the attention he has brought to men’s health issues such as testicular cancer. Did you know that testicular cancer is the most common cancer in men between the ages of 15 to 34? And..Colon cancer is the second leading cause of cancer-related deaths in the US.

Lots of scary, complicated stuff happening in our mids. But you know what’s not scary or complicated? A warm, inviting lip sweater. So grow a mo… A very simple manly gesture to serve as a reminder to educate ourselves on prevention and spread the word to our non-mustache growing admirers.

Sport that stache, not because it looks professional, attracts ladies or doesn’t scare kids… but because you can. Sport that stache proudly in honor of men’s health and prostate cancer awareness/prevention. This is our month to take ownership of our health.

And when someone says, “bro what’s with the trash stache?”proudly reply:  #1 its awesome #2 because I can and #3 most importantly because I wanted you to ask me about it – so I can tell you I’m taking action to prevent getting cancer in my downstairs. Since you asked, here are a couple things you can do as well:

1)      For god’s sake grow a mustache

2)      At the end of Movember throw a mustachio bashio to celebrate

3)      Accept the challenge to proudly take charge of your health this month

4)      Stay tuned to flipnow.org this month to learn ways to prevent cancer in your downstairs areas

And ladies… all of October we wore pink to support you. So please do the right thing and wear a  mustache to support us.


What’s Movemeber? An amazing organization that started a movement to bring attention to men’s health issues, specifically prostate cancer during the month of November.  http://us.movember.com/

Is it too late to participate? Heck no! It’s really simple, just don’t shave your upper lip. Our fathers use to grow mustaches by the time they got out of church on Sundays.

Is it professionally accepted? Who knows? You can always warm into it by first growing a goatee and then unveil your stache when you feel like its solid. Bring attention to it, talk about it proudly.