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Introducing the 2019 INSPIRE Ambassador Team!

FLIP’s Darby Creek Trail Run: 2019 INSPIRE Ambassadors

We are thrilled to introduce our 2019 Darby Creek Trail Run INSPIRE Ambassadors! The ambassadors were selected to help represent our race as people who live a lifestyle that helps prevent cancer and inspires others to do the same! Follow them along on their training journeys!

Elizabeth Wren

Her Why: 

She simply loves the passion and vision of FLIP. Originally a ‘road race’ runner, she now focuses on the trail and has completed several 50ks! Next up for her may be a 50 miler! Her boyfriend had a scare with prostate cancer and she believes that a healthy and active lifestyle is important in the fight against cancer!







Lauri Stahl 

Her Why: 

I have a passion to help people be the best they can be, love themselves, and know they are loved. Follow along Lauri’s journey and see her crush cancer by serving as an INSPIRE Ambassador! She encourages you to come and CELEBRATE LIFE with her on July 13th!









Dominique Hoecherl

Her Why: 

I participated in the event last year and absolutely loved it! I have a passion for fitness, wellness and getting lost in the woods! Most recently, my aunt was diagnosed with breast cancer. Last summer she dominated chemo and kicked cancers a$$ (something we LOVE to see here at FLIP!). I watched her handle it with so much positivity and strength, which was super inspiring. My grandfather beat throat cancer and is currently living life to the fullest. Being active is something I 1000% believe is the number one key to fighting this disease.








Erin Gruenwald

Her Why: 

Everyone has known a relative, friend, or coworker with cancer. I am no exception. The prevention of a disease is the ultimate goal. It is important for me to do anything that I can to help prevent cancer! Follow along with Erin!










Tricia Mays

Her Why: 

I have been passionate about living a healthy lifestyle for many reasons. I also help others and motivate others to get out and move and eat healthy.
Unfortunately, I have several personal connections with cancer. My father died the week I started college for the first time after a short battle with esophagus cancer. He was 48. I watched him deteriorate and go through Chemo. It was awful. I also have a friend who had breast cancer, thankfully she survived and is cancer free. But I saw the toll it took on her. Join Tricia in the fight against cancer this July!







Erin King

Her Why: 

 I think almost everybody has loved someone that has been diagnosed with cancer, it has certainly impacted my family. My hope is that we can find more treatments and prevention so that so many people do not have to suffer. I want to be an INSPIRE ambassador because I think it is an amazing cause. It is important to get people out moving and being active and the funds go towards an amazing cause.








Allison Levering

Her Why:

As a medical provider, I talk about cancer prevention every day! Everyone has the ability to do their part in participating in routine screenings, like cervical and breast, when it is recommended. It is also important to be educated in healthy lifestyle habits that can help decrease one’s risk. I love being able to help others understand the importance of cancer prevention.







Mollie Lyden