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Spring Board Member – Melinda Urani

Spring is here, which means the warmer weather and outdoor activities are just around the corner! We’ve  decided to interview one of our board members, Melinda Urani, to see what she does for #fun around the #community throughout springtime!

Name:   Melinda Urani

Age:  39

Hometown:  Republic, PA, a small town South of Pittsburgh (that’s where I consider home) but I live in Columbus

Job title:  Principal Consultant at Navigator Management Partners

Q: How long have you been a part of FLIP’s Board? 

A: Approximately 1 year (June 2016).  I was asked to be a board member based on the work I have done with my firm’s Pelotonia fundraising/talent show efforts and my overall support of non-profits. My participation/volunteering at the Darby Creek Trail Run last summer and in the Dragonboat Asian Festival really got me excited to join the team!

Q: What activities each year help you get into the Spring mindset?

A:  The Planning of trips! Coming out of winter and heading into spring is when my family and I plan out what we will be doing in the summer such as Hiking trips and beach vacations. I LOVE looking forward to those family, fun, and active trips. Also, when it starts to get warm I know that it means I can get on my bike outside and get some rides in preparation for Pelotonia without worrying about snow.

Q: What places/events around the community help you “Spring into Action”?

A:  Seeing the sun out often and flowers blooming means that spring is here and summer is on its way. I love taking walks with my friends on the many trails around Westerville, hitting up the Metroparks & seeing the seasons change around me.

Q: What about springtime inspires you to help spread awareness for cancer prevention?

A: This is the time of year when I sign up for FLIP’s Trail Run and for Pelotonia both that help raise funds for cancer (prevention and research). This is the time of year when I really dedicate time to spread the word about cancer, how it has impacted my family and how we all can work together to prevent this awful disease.

Q: Are there one or two “simpleFLIPs” that you have made to your daily routine? If not, what is one that you could make?

A: One tip that works for me is that if I am going to work out in the morning I will wear my workout clothes to bed the night before so there are no excuses not to go to the gym. This is true with end of day as well –  I always have workout clothes & sneakers in my car so I am ready to go do something active when the opportunities present themselves!