Completing our theme for the month of June “#FunintheSun,” we interviewed current FLIP board member Lauren Hrosch to find out what she does to stay healthy and active in the summer!

Name: Lauren Hrosch
Age: 28
Hometown: Enon, OH
Job title: Director / Stock Plan Services
Passions: Traveling and anything creative

Q: How long have you been a part of FLIP’s Board?
A: I’ve been on the board for about three years.

Q: FLIP’s theme for the month of June has been “Fun in the Sun” or #FunintheSun. What activities help you get into this #FunintheSun mindset?
A: The first thing that comes to mind is pool and beach time (with lots of sunscreen of course!). I am also an amusement park enthusiast which is great way to spend the day being active and enjoying the nice weather.

Q: What places/events around the Columbus community help you stay energized throughout the summer?
A: Columbus has so many great parks, pools, and recreation centers to explore and many of those options are free. There are also so many opportunities in or near Columbus to spend the day exploring a summer festival.

Q: What about the beginning of summer inspires you to help spread awareness for cancer prevention?
A: Summer is just a great time to be active. Even a simple walk around the neighborhood is more enjoyable when the weather is nice. There are always more outdoor events to attend in the summer as well.

Q: Are there one or two “simpleFLIPs” that you have made to your daily routine? If you’re unsure, what is one that you could make?
A: I got a Jawbone for my birthday, and it has helped me pay attention to how active I am each day. Having a fitness band encourages you to take the stairs or park a little farther out just to get a few more steps in. I’ve also stocked up on healthy snack options at the office so I’ll avoid the vending machines.