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Make the FLIP – it starts with FIGHT!

FLIP Road Map Intro. We are mapping the various areas of our lives to dive deeper into the “How” of prevention. We are kicking the road map off in March where all journeys begin: the mind! We want to begin by reinforcing the importance of a mindset shift, or as we call it, ‘making the FLIP.’

FLIP isn’t just about ‘eat healthy… stay fit’. More than anything, its about a different way of thinking. Our goal is to start reversing a lot of the negative trends that have got us to where we are as a nation today – sick. We want to show that it can be fun, engaging, social and simple. Here’s a quick visual explanation of what we mean by ‘making the FLIP’ >

Make the FLIP (Fight)

Fight is the mentality or spirit that we want to evoke as an organization and hope our Enthusiasts will share. It stems for a realization that we’ve lost ground to cancer, and that we as individuals and as a movement need to fight back.

Fight and ‘making the FLIP’ go hand and hand as they are the first steps in getting involved in our movement. Fight is our shared mentality, but means different things for each of us:

As individuals – its all about our attitude and making a commitment
As a movement – its about growing a movement powerful enough to fight back against risks outside of our individual control. Join the movement, become an Enthusiast
As an organization – FLIP’s mission is to raise more funds so we can increase our support and build a stronger team to fight with more POWER! consider a donation to help us fight


Next week we will feature Live as it relates to the mindset shift, and we’ll dive deeper into how ‘making the FLIP’ becomes part of your daily life. In the meantime, here are a few things to consider as you start the journey with Fight:

Take on a warrior’s mentality. Know that you want to fully commit yourself to a more thriving life… and get amped up for the fight. (for me, personally it helps to play Katie Perry “Roar” as I eat my morning oatmeal). 
Know your enemy. Know what you want to attack and keep it focused. Don’t try to take on too much! The advice that our Enthusiast of Year shared as the key to his success: “Try to set attainable goals so that you can accomplish them along the way. Each time you complete one it gives you more confidence.”
Gain support! Its hard to make a meaningful change on your own. Recruit someone to fight with you, and together you will improve your chances of lasting success.

Check out our feature next week on Live

Start the fight… Keep FLIP’n

– Carl