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Mercury Mile Partnership with FLIP Cancer Now!


In celebration of #GlobalRunningDay on June 6, our friends at Mercury Mile are running a special promotion to benefit FLIP’s mission and support the fight against cancer.

For those who aren’t familiar– Mercury Mile specializes in putting together personally curated boxes of running apparel for their customers. To take part in the promotion, all you have to do is fill out a runner profile at www.mercurymile.com, schedule a ship date of June 1 or earlier, and use the code “FLIP20” at checkout.

Then, based on the preferences stated in your profile, your personal stylist will send you a box full of the finest, most stylish running apparel on the market. It will ship out on the date you requested, complete with a return label and shipping bag in the (unlikely) event you want to ship anything back. You only pay for what you keep, and 100% of your stylist fee will be donated to FLIP.

Don’t miss out on this super-fun opportunity to get yourself some sweet duds from a personal stylist while also making a quick and simple donation to fight cancer. And don’t forget to sport your new gear on June 6 for #GlobalRunningDay or–better yet– at FLIP’s 7th Annual Darby Creek Trail Run!

Also, use the link below to join the Mercury Mile virtual team so we can log the miles “together”. Let’s run some Mercury Miles + fight cancer while doing it!!